All parents with young children can relate

Its the middle of the night……you’re exhausted……and your dealing with your child’s wet bed again. You drag yourself from your warm bed and somehow find the energy to change the sheets and anything else that my be wet. You find some clean pj’s for your child and give them a reassuring hug, telling them not to be upset about it and that you love them. Once your child is snugly tucked back into bed you climb into bed wondering what else you can do to stop the bed wetting?

Please remember you are not alone. Parents often worry about bed wetting in their children, a problem defined by doctors as “involuntary urination” in children 5 years of age or older. I read a statistic not long ago that stated more than 5 million kids over the age of 6 experience bed wetting so its not uncommon and your not a bad parent!

There is a ton of information on the web and I found lots of it quite over whelming. From sites telling me that my child is sick and needed treatment to sites telling me that I needed to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their miracle products that cure bed wetting. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of great sites out there, its just hard to filter through them all. And so many use very technical terms that is easy to get lost unless you have a medical degree.

On this site I will share with you some of the techniques, methods and products that I have personally used and also many methods and products that friends and family have also tried and used with great success.